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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Protein Pow: Protein PIZZA

Protein Pow: Protein PIZZA:

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Butternut, Açai, Hemp, Superveg and Feta Cheese Protein Pizza

A traditional pizza base is made out of primarily white flour +  yeast + oil +/- milk or water +/- sugar. Nutritionally speaking, it delivers pretty much the same goodness that a slice of good old fashioned white bread does which is... not much. A traditional pizza base is mostly simple carbs, often contains sugar, and packs pretty much no vitamins or minerals to speak of. This pizza base right here though? It's a revolution ;-) it contains superveg (a powder made out of garlic, onion, beetroot and ten other different veggies), açai berries, hemp protein, butternut squash and... an egg :-D

A Superveggie Based Protein Pizza Recipe

I opened an Instagram account a couple of days ago. Are you on it? If so, add me! My username on it is proteinpow and my plan is to upload all sorts of healthy food pics and recipes on there - of the protein powdered AND protein powderless variety - ftw. One of the first photos I uploaded on Instagram was a photo of this protein pizza. Oh, protein pizzas, how great thou art! Full of surprises and flavorful twists and turns! There is an an infinite array of bases that can be made and oh! pizza toppings? Zeus be damned if there's a limit to what one can do there...

Jerusalem Artichoke Protein Pizza with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Mushroom and Onion

The last time I made a protein pizza base using Jerusalem Artichokes was when I wrote a guest post for Lori's awesome blog (here). I really enjoy making protein pizza bases (as you can tell from all the ones I've made here) because they're super easy and can be tailored to tick all of one's favorite taste-boxes. I'm actually kind of a sucker for pizza so the idea of being able to make a healthy version - packed with protein, veggies, and a full KAPOW of deliciousness, well, it makes me smile big time :-))))

An Almond and Quinoa Based Protein Pizza

Do you want to know secret behind a great protein pizza? A great protein pancake. ;-) Yup. It's that simple. To make a great protein pizza, all you need to do is this: make an ultra-bready and extra-delicious protein pancake, add a base of tomato to it (it can be a homemade sauce or, if you're feeling lazy or are in a hurry, plain old tomato paste) + your toppings of choice + cheese +/- herbs/spices, grill it for five minutes and BOOOOM! ready to munch with gusto :-D

Protein Pizza with a Pumpkin Base

I... have a weak spot for games and this recipe was the result of one so I love it even more. Granted, it wasn't a game-game, I just asked a bunch of you guys on facebook to choose today's recipe and this a pizza with a pumpkin base the winner! My name is Anna and I love playing with food ;-) Welcome to this pizza, a close relation tomy sweet potato pizza. Let me now say a few things about it. The crunchiness of the outer crust was outstaaaaanding (notice picture numero tres). Also, the topping! Ah, topping it with cheddar + cottage cheese was such a good call because it reduced the fat content of the pizza while maintaining taste and nommmmmmmmness of it all! Voici la recette:

Ingredients (for the pizza base) - blended together and baked on a nonstick cookie tray at 150 C (302 F) for ~ 35 minutes (basically, until golden and cooked throughout):

1/2 cup of pumpkin puree
1/2 cup of egg whites
1/8 cup of chickpea flour (you could sub this with oat flour or buckwheat)
1/8 cup of pea protein (I do think it's optional but it added a nice extra flavor dimension)
1 tbsp of ground almonds
2 tbsp of nutritional yeast (optional but, again, it added a great uhmph factor)
2 tsbp of oat flour (you could just ground some oats instead though)
1 tsp of sea salt
2 tsp of dried basil
2 tsp of dried oregano

That's it. Two individual-sized pizza bases came out of the above mix (~ 7 inches in diameter). I let them cool and proceeded to top each one with 2 tbsp of cheddar + 2 tbsp of tomato pure +2 tbsp of cottage cheese + 2 tsp of dried thyme + 2 tsp of dried basil + 2 tsp of olive oil (which I drizzled around the pizza, on the edges, so it'd crunch-crunch in style). Result? Yummmm!

Macros per pizza base, without toppings because, really, you can add whatever you want on top (e.g. like a whole bunch of low/er fat cheese, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, spinach, etc, etc, etc): 166.7kcals, 16g protein, 18g carb (4.5g sugars), 3.6g fat (0.3g sat) and 6g fiber!

Cauliflower Super Protein Mini Pizzas

Have you guys seen Erika's Great Pizza Experiment? it's one of my favorite posts ever. After reading it, I realized the possibilities are endless for protein pizza bases. I made some Jerusalem Artichoke Protein Pizza as a guest post for Lori (check it outhere) and have since experimented with different ideas (like my egg white pizza here and the goat protein one here). One of the most awesome recipes, using cauliflower, is this onethough. Ever since I saw it, I've kind of had cauliflower stuck in my head as one of the best ingredients for a great pizza base (mostly because I think, being so mild and fantastic with cheese, cauliflower lends itself nicely to pizza bases). So, I bought some cauliflower, steamed it, and headed over to the gym. When I got back, I blended the cauli with egg whites + pea protein + coconut flour and pancake-fried it into three patties. Then, I added the toppings and grilled them for about five mins. That was it.

Pizza Base Ingredients - blended together and panfried into 3 patties (you could always just make one giant one but it's going to be harder to flip):
3 big heads of cauliflower (cooked) (284g)
4 egg whites (164g)
1/4 cup of pea protein (30g)
1 tbsp of coconut flour (11g)

1 tbsp tomato paste (7g)
1/8 cup of mature cheddar (10g) (or, of course, mozzarella)

The result was a soft pizza base. I was able to eat it by hand but it was still kind of mushy. Looking back on it, I realize it might have benefited from some wheatbran or oats or quinoa flakes or, well, something to dry it up a bit. That being said, I LOVED! it! I felt the flavors really complimented each other and, together, delivered one hell of a BOOOOM to the system. Also, the whole thing was ridiculously high protein, low carb (and hiiiigh fiber) and, compared with the 'original' cauli pizza, a lot lower in fat too :-))) Try it ;-)))))

Macros per 3 mini pizzas with toppings et al: 364kcals, 52g protein, 19g carbo (6.4g sugars), 7.5g fat (4g sat) and 11g fiber.

An Accidental Protein Pizza

Allow me to come clean: I was planning on just making a wrap. Yeah, not a pizza. Yeah. See, as my 'wrap' was cooking on the nonstick, I flipped it, and thought "hmmmm, this is looking a bit... funny" because it was turning out kind of bready and not wrap-like enough. That's when, after looking at it some more, I thought "to the wind with the wrap" and the idea kind of all fell together. What was it? It was just 1/2 cup of egg whites + 1/4 cup of pea protein. Yuhoo. That's it. I blended it together, cooked it like a pancake at low heat, put it on the grill,added some toppings, and grilled it. The base wasn't (obviously, given the ingredients) bready enough but the edges were nice and crispy. If I had meant to make a pizza, I would have added some buckwheat flour to the above. However, it WAS pretty much all protein and fun to fold in half and munch so :-)))) Now, my topping is kind of a wack topping to most people but I LOVE it (as you may be able to tell from previous posts I have a thing for the mackerel + mango combo). My whole topping was just 2 tbsp of tomato paste + 1 forked-apart mackerel fillet + a slice of sliced up mango. I topped the whole thing with a grated slice of Wensleydale cheese (which is one hell of a mmmm-!-delicious sharp cheese from Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, England). That's it. Macros per base = 139.8kcals, 3.3g carbo (1.2g sugar), 29g protein, 1.1g fat and no fiber. Plus my funky topping = 480kcals, 16g carbo, 50g protein, 24g fat and 1.5g fiber. So... yeah, next time you also happen to end up with a not-soft-enough wrap or pancake, well, consider pizzaing it too ;-)

Fiorentina Pizza on Goat Whey Protein

The egg on top is there to signal that this was breakfast ;-) No, it's a Fiorentina, my favorite kind of pizza... maybe next to a Hawaiian. I'm going to come clean and admit that this was an accident. I was trying to make crepes (ha!) and realized they were turning to pizza bases (can one say too much flour μήπως?hehe). It was just 60g of egg white, 19g of goat whey, 6g of pea, 5g of nutritional yeast and 25g of buckwheat flour) cooked actually on a nonstick. I let it sit overnight because I wanted it for breakfast and when the time came, I just topped it with tomato+garlic paste (I could say it was because I'm lazy - and sometimes, sure - but in truth I quite like using it for pizzas) + cooked spinach + mushrooms + 25g of mozarella. As it was cooking, I breached the pizza's privacy to crack an egg on top and grilled the whole thing (aka broiled it). Result? Well, it had that goat-cheesiness to it that I really liked. It turned out crunchy and quite nice. The only thing I think I should have done was to add a whole egg to the pizza base but that aside, yuuum. Now, stats. The whole pizza base was: 228kcals, 30g protein, 25g carb (4g fiber) and 2.5g fat. Now, throw some eggs and cheese whatever else you like on there and start playing around with the stats :-)

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