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Saturday, February 28, 2015

6 insane milk tart recipes for National Milk Tart Day | Food24

6 insane milk tart recipes for National Milk Tart Day | Food24:

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Silky and smooth with a light wisp of pastry. 
Being South African and loving milk tart are one in the same and I dare anyone to tell me they have not yet tasted one. Ever wondered where it came from? Here's a short history of one of our country's most prized culinary treasures. 
What I love most about them is that they’re light and you don’t feel like you need to run around the block in order to work off your pudding.  
Try our more-than-delicious recipes:
Old fashioned milk tart – a simple milk tart like mama makes.
Peanut brittle milk tart – something different that will have you doing cartwheels.
Condensed milk tart – so creamy and indulgent.

Vegan milk tart - free of eggs and dairy
Chocolate milk tart – a milk tart, with chocolate, really? Oh yes.
Crustless milk tart – an even lighter version without the crust.

Click here if you want to take your milk tart to the next level. 

 Caro de Waal


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