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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

25 Awesome & Creative Kitchen Gadgets

25 Awesome & Creative Kitchen Gadgets:

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Today’s world has become the playground of gadgets.Every domain has found new and exciting methods of making every day chores more easy and fun. The appliances department has come a long way and kitchen gadgets especially have to keep up with the modern busy woman and try to make her time in the kitchen more enjoyable. But despite the common belief that gadgets are associated with salty prices, we have gathered a selection of 25 Kitchen Gadgets under $25 that you need and will actualy put to good use and that will definitely make your life easier.0-cover-mc-hammer

1 | Sushezi Sushi Made Easy $14.06

Japanese food is considered to be one of the healthiest foods there is but making sushi is not an easy task. You require a certain..dexterity and for beginners it can be really tricky. But with the Sushezi you can make perfect sushi rolls every time with little effort. All you have to do is ti split the tube in half, remove the plunger and put in the mixed ingredients, put the plunger back, close the Sushezi and press the load into a nori sheet which you wrap in the end. The end result is a perfect long roll that you just have to cut into slices and serve.1-sushezi-sushi-bazooka

2 | Rice Cube. Let’s Make Rice Cool $19.95

And because we were talking about Japanese food, try out the Rice Cube. It is perfect for making exact square rice cube-bites without getting your and too dirty and can also be used  with cheese potato or anything else with similar consistency. Just imagine what a perfect impression you would make at a dinner party with these perfect sushi rolls and rice cubes.2-rice-cube

3 | Chef’n Bananza Banana Slicer $7.03

The Bananza Banaa Slicer is actually quite of a perk actually because its only utilization is, well, cutting equal banana slicers really easy. Nothing that a knife won’t do but for the lazy ones  with little dexterity at cutting and chopping things, this gadget can come in handy. You can find it on Amazon at the price of  $7.03 and can actually be a good Christmas gift for your girl friends or mother.3-bananza-banana-slicer

4 | Easy Tool Stainless Steel Fruit Pineapple Corer Slicer Peeler Cut $4.01

Pineapples are the perfect end for a late dinner but let’s face it no one like peeling an actual pineapple fruit. We usually buy it canned and pretend it is the same thing, trying not to remember the added sugar and preservatives. Now you can find a gadget that can ease the activity and stop making it into such a problem.4-pineapple-corer

5 | Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker $24.00

At a first glance you think the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is definitely made for lazy people. But in fact you you stop a second and think about it, why not have a machine that can make you the perfect sandwich in a matter of minutes with little help from your side? The multi-layerd machine heats the bread fries your egg and  bacon and .in the end offer you the perfect hot breakfast sandwich. If you don’t think this item could be useful to you, just imagine how handy it can be to a r dorm-dwellers and city folks who rush through breakfast every morning.5-breakfast-sandwich-maker

6 | OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer, Green $9.50

The Avocado Slicer is a good excuse to start adding some healthy fat and valuable nutrients to your diet. The 3 in 1 avocado slicer will cut the flesh in long equal slices and peel the skin off at the same time with just one. Quite clever if you ask me.6-avocado-3-in-1-tool

7 | RSVP Herb Scissors $7.08

The herb scissors seemed at first as an unnecessary kitchen item. Honestly now, anyone owns a kitchen scissor and you can’t imagine the usage of a multi-layered scissor. But for the ones who love fresh herbs and slicing an chopping all day long in the kitchen the herb scissors help save time and energy and cut all your herbs in one instant move.7-herb-scissors

 8 |  Amco Rub Away Bar $7.99

Amco Rub Away is a gadget that does exactly what it states: removes bad  odors from your hands. The most delicious ingredients oftenly own the worst smells that are very hard to rub away: garlic, onion, blue cheese, fish.You can’t and should not remove them from your recipes just because they can be an inconvenience. Instead, buy the Amco Rub Away and stop trying to peel your k=skin off by rubbing your hands with toxic solutions and abrasive items.8-amco-rub-away-bar

9 | Victorio VKP1010 Apple and Potato Peeler, Suction Base $21.88

Apple pie is one of my favorite desserts but honestly, peeling and slicing the apples takes all the joy out of baking it.  luckily, like for anything, there has been invented a gadget that can solve my problem in  a matter of minutes. The only problem is that I’m not strong enough to use it.The Victorio Apple and Potato Peeler looks very rustic and requires a certain hand strainght to be functional, but once you get the hang of it it comes quite in handy in the kitchen. With a few moves you can peel those apples and your good to go.9-victoria-apple-potato-peeler

10 |  Food Huggers Silicone Storage Cover 4pk $14.95

I love cooking and sometimes I even cook twice a day. But I have always had a problem with ingredients like fruit and vegetables that are left over. With the Food Huggers Silicon Storage Covers you can preserve that half of onion, lemon, orange and save some money by not tossing the remains away. And they come in different colors too and are very easy to use and wash.10-food-hugger

11 | Chef’n Stem Gem Strawberry Huller $4.00

This gadget is perfect for summer fruit lovers such as strawberries and tomatoes ( and yes, the tomato is a fruit). It removes the stem easily without damaging the actual fruit and could be a useful tool when you want perfect hole strawberries for your fruit tarts.11chefn-stemgem

12 | Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks $14.95

When it comes to carving and tearing meat, I leave the job to a man. We all love those cold meat sandwiches and tearing meat is definitely a manly job. With the Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks you have 12 hard plastic bear claws to dig in that delicious meat and tear it apart. It can actually a kitchen job your man will enjoy doing.12-bear-paw-meat-handler-forks

13 | Trudeau Toss and Chop Salad Tongs $19.99

If you like mixing and chopping at the same time the Trudeau Toss and Chop Salad Tongs are a good choice.  It features soft-grip handles, along with stainless steel blades and micro-serrated edges designed to never damage the bowl. It transforms making salads into one quick move that suits the busy woman in you.13-trudeau-toss-chop-salad-tongs

14 |  Tovolo Silicone Steamer – 10-Inch $15.99

Being able to handle temperatures of up to 600 degrees F is a big plus for the Tovolo Silicone Steamer. and with its center handle you can now manuvre the steamed vegetables without getting burned.It comes in bright red which contrasts beautifully with the rich color of the vegetables. And it’s easy to store and clean as well.14-tovolo-vegetable-steamer

15 | Norpro 121 Grip Jalapeno Corer $7.14

The following item is not likely to be used very frequently.But preparing jalapenos with the Norpro Grip Jalapeno Corer is very ease and it saves you the trouble of actually get rid of the steams and core that sting so much with your bear hands.15-norpro-ez-jalapeno-corer

16 | Brieftons Spiral Slicer $12.89

The Brieftons Spiral Slicer is one of my favorite kitchen toys, letting you slice any vegetable into spaghetti-like strips, options for carrots, turnips, cucumbers and other firm vegetables. It is quite valuable for the price and helps you a lot when you find yourself in a bit of a dinner party design shortage. The curls can look great in a salad or as garnish and is really easy to use.16-beiftons-spiral-slicer

17 | Assorted Dip Clips, Set of 4 $7.99

I love dips, especially cheesy ones and the Assorted Dip Clips makes the experience very easy and enjoyable. They are tiny enough to place more than one on a plate and big enough to hold your favorite dip. It seems like a good idea, easy to move and use without making all that mess.17-dip-clips

18 | Silvermark Grater Tong $23.49

The Silvermark Grater Tong has one extra trick that makes it more interesting: an incorporated grater that you can use in salads to put in that extra cheese sprinkle. It’s a useful two-in-one gadget that helps you save up space.18-silvermark-grater-tong

19 | Joseph Joseph Food Station $24.95

The Joseph Joseph Food Station set consists of a glass chopping board and three color-coded chopping mats that can be attached to the main board during storage. The multi-set can thus be used for preparing an entire menu, because, lets face it, there is never enough storage on our board for all of the ingredients. Use the red one for red meat, the blue one for fish and sea fruit , the green one for vegetables and fruits and the glass one for holding hot pans.19-joseph-joseph-food-stations

20 | Joseph Joseph Square Colander $11.99

From the same brand come this square colander which is basically another colander in a square tall shape with a vertical handle, more easy and efficient to use and pour. The small shape is easy to store and comes in a bright green color that pops up in an instant.20-joseph-joseph-square-colander

21 | Casabella Silicone Microegg $8.46

The Casabella Silicone Microegg is perfect for those picky ones of you that like their eggs in square shapes for their sandwiches. It is made for being used in the microwave and it is very easy to clean and to deposit.21-casabella-microegg

22 | Bella Cucina Donut Maker $24.84

This particular gadget is not suitable for people trying to lose weight. The donut maker makes the job so easy for anyone: just pour in the mix  and there you have perfect round donuts just made to be eaten. It come sin sleek shiny red and would look great on your counter and, the good part is that these donut don’t require any frying so they seem healthier.22-bella-cucina-donut-maker

23 | Joseph Joseph Folding Colander $17.99

Another colander gadget that saves you up lots of space. When not used it colapses into a flat board and is thus easy to store into the black of your kitchen drawer. when you use it it pops up and becomes a small box  that fits the kitchen sink perfectly and is easy to maneuver.23-joseph-joseph-folding-colander

24 | Keebler Personal Pie Maker $18.99

The Keebler Personal Pie Maker makes lucnh very easy for you. With 4 slots for 4 small pies you can cook an entire menu in one move. It saves you the trouble of cooking for hours in the kitchen heat and offers the proper pie-size slot for one.You can also find it on Amazon for just $18.99.24-keebler-personal-pie-maker

25 | Black Beauty Bottle Capper $15.00

The last gadget on our list is the Black Beauty Bottle Capper. It is suitable for capping that leftover bear and for your hobby-brewer dad or grandfather. The Capper has incorporated a magnet to hold the cap in place until you manage to get the job done. It might require a strong hand so be careful not to hurt yourself when using it.25-black-beauty-bottle-capperWe hope you have enjoyed our list and we would love to hear your opinion about these kitchen gadgets. You can find them by following the links in the subtitles. feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below and on our social networks.


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