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Sunday, March 29, 2015

You’ve Been Cleaning Your Oven The Wrong Way Your Entire Life. This Is So Brilliant! | Newsner

You’ve Been Cleaning Your Oven The Wrong Way Your Entire Life. This Is So Brilliant! | Newsner:

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We take in two steps: First the oven itself and then the window.
This is what you´ll need: 
Spray bottle
Baking soda
A rag
A small bowl
This is how you do it:
The oven: 
1. Remove the oven racks
2. Mix a couple spoons of baking soda with some water in the bowl. The goal is to mix it into a paste that´s easily spreadable on the surfaces that need cleaning.
3. Spread the paste on the inside of the oven. The baking soda will turn brown.
4. Let sit over night. The baking soda will need at least 12 hours to work it`s magic.
5. The day after: Take a wet rag and wipe out as much of the baking soda as possible.
6. Put some vinegar in the spray bottle and spritz it on the surfaces where you still see residues of baking soda.
7. Wipe with a wet rag.
8. Put the racks back in to the oven.
9. Turn on the oven on a low temperature for 15-20 minutes to let it dry.

The window: 
1. Take the baking soda and add some water to get a thick paste.
2. Apply the paste on the window.
3. Let sit for 30 minutes.
4. Use a rag to wipe the window clean.
The result really is mind-blowing. I wish there was these kind of smart hacks for everything in life! 


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