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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

20 Instagram Photos of Malaysian Food

20 Instagram Photos of Malaysian Food:

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Malaysian food is a huge blend of culinary cuisines from a variety of Asian races. If you haven’t had Malaysian food fare before, get ready to transport all of your five senses to gastronomic heaven. If you have, get ready to revisit your journey to hunger induced stomach growling when you see some of Malaysia’s best food pictures, courtesy of Instagram users.

1. Char Kuay Teow

Char Kuay Teow
A treat for the senses, Char Kuay Teow is definitely one of Malaysia’s top gastronomic dishes. Decadently sinful, Char Kuay Teow aficionados go on a pilgrimage to Penang (the best place to get this) to sample some of the island’s most well known dish.

2. Banana Leaf

Banana leaf
Although South Indian in origin, the banana leaf rice cuisine has long been ingrained into Malaysian food culture. Consumed in a similar fashion to Nasi Kandar, although its dishes are inherently Indian in origin, Malaysians flock in droves to famous banana leaf restaurants to indulge in this sumptuous and heavy food fare.

3. Mamak Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng
Photo credit: rezzroslan, Instagram
A local mamak store favourite, Mee Goreng is fried egg noodles with chillies, vegetables, egg, and tofu. Although not exactly healthy, it is nonetheless tasty.

4. Roti John

Roti John
Photo credit: kamal_ab, Instagram
Who knows who John is? Not me for sure. All I know is that he left behind this delectable meaty omelette sandwich behind and I’m sure glad he did. Locals typically eat it as a snack or for breakfast.

5. Curry Laksa

Curry Laksa
The first of the trio of Laksas featured here is an extremely popular Malaysian dish. Curry Laksa is a coconut milk infused curry noodle dish accompanied with a serving of mixed noodles, chicken, prawns and vegetables.

6. Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak Laksa
Sarawak Laksa is another popular Malaysian laksa. It differs from Curry Laksa in the sense that its broth is made out of not curry, but with sambal belacan, lemongrass, sour tamarind, and prawns. As a result of this, Sarawak Laksa is lighter and tangier than its curried counterpart.

7. Assam Laksa

Asam Laksa
Assam Laksa is a sourish fish-based dish. It is normally served with thick or thin vermicelli, shredded mackerel, mint, pineapple, red chillies, cucumber, onions, and slices of dried mangosteen for that extra zest.

8. Ipoh Hor Fun

Ipoh Hor fun
Photo credit: joykhoo16, Instagram
Originating from the town of Ipoh, this tasty flat rice noodle dish is made using a combination of clear chicken and prawn soup, giving it a unique taste. It is typically eaten with oyster sauce chicken or bean sprouts chicken.

9. Chicken Rice Balls

Chicken Rice Balls
While similar to Hainanese Chicken Rice, this Malacca dish differentiates itself by serving chicken rice balls in lieu of a bowl of chicken rice. The rice is infused with chicken stock to give it a lip-smacking flavourful chicken aroma and taste.

10. Bah Kut Teh

Ba Ku Teh
A Chinese herbal pork soup dish typically eaten with rice and fried Chinese donuts, it is a sought-after Chinese Malaysian creation. Its name literally means “meat bone tea” and is a perfectly sufficient meal to take during any time of the day.

11. Satay

Photo credit: dsanata, Instagram
Satay is an irresistible Malaysian dish. Best consumed with spicy peanut sauce, cucumber slices, onions, and ketupat rice cakes.

12. Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang
A staple dish in Malay cuisine, beef rendang is both spicy and mouth-wateringly delicious. Soft chunks of beef stewed with coconut milk and ground up spices allow for a taste and aroma that leaves those who sample it wanting more.

13. Nasi Kerabu

Nasi Kerabu
Don’t let this dish’s bizarre coloured rice fool you; nothing artificial is used here to achieve that blue hue. The blue rice is a result of using petals from the Clitoria Ternatea flower when cooking the rice. It is typically eaten with keropok and other Malay dishes.

14. Rojak

Photo credit: wyepeng, Instagram
Rojak means ‘mix’ and is an apt description to this famous Malaysian snack. While various other types of Rojak exist, the most well known version consists of mixed fruits, prawn crackers, and a generous dousing of peanut crumbs all jumbled in a savoury sweet prawn paste.

15. Roti Jala

Roti jala
Translating to “net bread”, Roti Jala gets its name from the process of how the bread is made. Net like in its visual form yet as soft as a crepe, Roti Jala is a perfect companion to curries and other Malay dishes such as rendang.

16. Biryani

Just like banana leaf cuisine, biryani rice is widely eaten by Malaysians. Diners have the option to choose biryani over white rice and do so for its scrumptious taste achieved through hours of cooking to seal in the spices, herbs, and accompanying meats into the rice.

17. Ikan Bakar

Ikan bakar
Perfectly grilled fish marinated with sambal belacan, served with tangy chilli sauce and a wedge of lime for that extra zest. Who could say no?

18. Ais Kacang

Ice Kacang
Photo credit: chenv419, Instagram
A dessert that can be found almost anywhere in the country, Ais Kacang is fundamentally Malaysian. Shaved ice, peanuts, pandan jelly, rose jelly, cincau, corn, and red bean all mixed up in gula Melaka (palm sugar) and rose syrup makes for a sweet tasting way to beat the tropical heat.

19. Cendol

Another quintessential icy Malaysian dessert is Cendol. It is made up of coconut milk, shaved ice, pandan jelly, red bean, and gula Melaka. Sweet, cool, and refreshing, it is a great alternative to Ais Kacang.

20. Lok-Lok

Lok Lok
A popular Malaysian street snack, Lok-Lok consists of a huge assortment of foods on a stick. It ranges from fish balls, vegetables, sausages, eggs, chicken, duck and lamb meat. Basically just about anything that can fit on a stick really. It is typically cooked in a steamboat type cooker and eaten on its own or with sauces of your choice.

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