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Thursday, April 23, 2015

John Whaite: clever ways to swap carbs for cauliflower - Telegraph

John Whaite: clever ways to swap carbs for cauliflower - Telegraph:

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Cauliflower pizza base with a variety of tasty toppings
Eve Kalinik's pizza bas is made from cauliflower, flaxseed, and almonds Photo: ANDREW TWORT. Pix a Stix fabric by Jonathan Adler for Kravet
As a farmer’s son, I’ve always been forced to eat vegetables. While most kids turned their heads in disgust as a plateful of broccoli landed before them, I ate what I was given. My mum would harp on about how "life is not a café" - I still hear that mantra in my sleep.
I’ve grown to love veg – I didn’t have a choice – and I’ve always been mad on cauliflower. It has a gentle nutty sweetness that intensifies when cooked; and you can’t deny that a bowlful of cauliflower cheese is one of the ultimate comfort foods. Especially when topped with a crunchy layer of breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese.
But cauliflower is currently undergoing a revival as a saving grace for low-carb or Paleo dieters. In fact, my cauliflower rice article was one of the most popular, and it seems the uses of cauliflower are getting more and more inspired – or strange; I’ll let you decide.
One of my favourite low-carb suppers is a Spanish tortilla using cauliflower in place of the potato. Agreed, this isn’t an authentic Spanish omelette, and a purist would probably shake their head with the disdain of a vegetable-hating three-year-old. But it’s a close alternative for those who don’t eat potato.
Simply replace the recipe’s weight of potato with cauliflower, frying it as described but for not quite as long; it’ll only need a couple of minutes to soften. And, as an added health benefit, you’ll need just half the amount of oil for frying.

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