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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Vanilla Bean English Custard Recipe | SparkRecipes

Vanilla Bean English Custard


Jamie Oliver's proper English Custard flavoured with Vanilla Beans.

Number of Servings: 8


    2 Cups Whole or 2% or 1% Milk (Nutritional Content calculated using 1%)
    2 Cups Heavy Cream (18% will do)
    6 Tbsp Granulated Sugar
    8 Egg Yolks
    1 Vanilla Bean Pod


Makes about 8 Cups/ 2 Liters

1. Mix cream, milk, and four tablespoons of sugar in a pot under medium low heat.
2. Scrap out all the seeds in the vanilla bean into the pot. Put the beans in the pot as well. Keep stirring with a wooden spoon until it boils and then turn off the heat. Let it sit for a few minutes to let the vanilla infuse with the cream and milk mixture.
3. In a separate bowl, whisk the yolks with 2 tablespoons of sugar until pale yellow in color.
4. Remove the beans from the pot and slowly add one ladle of the cream mixture to the yolks while whisking them together. Keep whisking and slowly add a couple more ladles. This process is called tempering and this will ensure that the eggs won’t curdle when they come in contact with hot liquids.
5. Pour the yolk mixture back to the pot with cream and milk and stir with a wooden spoon under medium heat. As the eggs cook, the custard will thicken in several minutes. It is thick enough if it coats the back of the wooden spoon. When it’s nice and shiny, remove from heat and pour into a serving cup. You can serve it hot or cold.

Vanilla Bean English Custard Recipe | SparkRecipes:

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